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3D Human Models

3D Human Models

SLIMDESIGN created the 3D Human Models to validate designs at an early stage of the development process. We make the tool available for other developers through the 3D Human Model website. Beside Solid Works, we also have the other main Cad software available...

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SLIMTIME is a minimalist clock that embodies many of our design values.



Startup R&D Support

BAGTAG is an electronic luggage tag that enables travellers to check-in their baggage using their phone, and skip queues at the airport. For airports, this results in improved passengers flow throughout the check-in area.



BAGTAG’s luggage tag required a long-lasting battery and the ability to mount to a variety of bag types. It also had to be compatible with airport scan systems and withstand heavy impacts during loading.



We supported the startup with their product development from first ideas to production. Bagtag was able to develop faster and eliminate risk by introducing our development partners.



Bagtag is recognized by several large airlines. It is compatible with all airport scan systems and uses BLE technology to upload flight information to the luggage tag. Due to the low power consumption of the display, the batteries last even through the longest trips.

Quicky update your luggage tag from anywhere. No need to wait in a queue.
Quicky update your luggage tag from anywhere. No need to wait in a queue.

Set-up the luggage tag with your phone and BAGTAG app.

BAGTAG mounts to a variety of bag shapes and materials.

BAGTAG mounts to a variety of bag shapes and materials.

Mounting System

Erik Harkes, CEO and Founder | BAGTAG
“Great team to work with: hands-on, pro-active, and flexible. The quality of their work is outstanding, always on time, and within budget.
We expect that they will help a lot of other start-ups (like us) to become a success.”


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Start-up Support

We support startups with our free advice, templates and tools. We help them convince potential investors by providing insightful information, creating stunning visualizations and producing prototypes. We are not the right fit for every project, we only accept clients if we can add value. Do you want to receive our insights into your project?

Design & Innovation

Innovation is key for any business which wants to stay ahead of its competitors. When we co-operate, we see ourselves as part of your team. We provide our product development knowledge, expertise and network to make your project a success.