Dutch Design Week

by | SLIMDESIGN | Last updated : Jul 9, 2020

It was a cloudy day in Eindhoven, but the designs were bright and full of energy.

There were lots of interesting designs displayed, from professional design studios to large companies to students work. One unifying theme was how many optimistic concepts were presented with the intention of improving the world.

While encouraging, we have the feeling that these concepts lack realism. There were very few real products shown at the fair, instead most presenters opting to showcase an idea, rather than something tangible that can be used to impact real people.

We wonder who is going to execute these concepts into actual products. While ideas are nice, students looking to find work at companies after University should have some more tangible, real-life products in their portfolios if they want more opportunities.

Circa Functional Prototypes, developed by Slimdesign for Circa and designed by Robert Bronwasser

Seeing Circa functioning for the first time

Fabric Front

Circa will be on Kickstarter soon


IoT is everywhere – even trash cans! Lora Connected Waste Bin

Great new sustainable materials were presented.

Dutch Design Week

Dutch Design Week

Interesting manufacturing techniques were displayed.

Students had some very intense and promising research.

Additive manufacturing and function for children’s musical toys

Close up of the woodwinds parts.

Creativity was everywhere… Inverse table anyone?

Great Dutch Design Week

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