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We optimized the overall usability and logistics through a reduction in volume (frame and fabric backing), improved handling (dedicated flight cases), reduced set-up time (tool-less assembly), and increased flexibility (integrated graphics).
The first version was very successful (a 1 km wall was produced and used over a period of 7 years). When Nike changed its store identity, Nike commissioned us to upgrade the system to fit the new store design.

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Police Body Cam

Police Body Cam

The result of the body camera development is a rugged, compact and lightweight camera that is capable of filming day and night. It enables individuals, for instance working in law enforcement or the public transport industry, to record important events. The product is now used worldwide by multiple organizations such as for example the Dutch national police.



IoT Innovation Strategy

The smart doorbell design enables users to connect their doorbell to their phone. This project is a good example of how we introduce a lean start-up approach in established companies.



We were asked to analyze the opportunities of how DECT technology could be used in the Internet-of-Things domain. The idea was to get fresh, new ideas quickly, and get tangible results that could convince the stakeholders within the organization.  



We co-developed with Siemens by doing brainstorm workshops to create ideas. 4 ideas were chosen to develop into a concept. To compare them we analyzed the components and size, the design and the costs (bill of materials and development).



The most promising concepts were developed into minimum viable products (cosmetic and functional prototypes). Siemens tested them in a focus group and the outcomes helped them to define their future development strategy.


Form exploration of the DECT Remote Doorbell, one of the concepts was chosen to develop into a cosmetic and functional prototype.


Smooth cooperation between our designers, mechanical and electrical engineers helped to shorten the development time.


Smooth cooperation between our designers, mechanical and electrical engineers helped to shorten the development time.

Detailing & Prototyping

Cosmetic and functional prototypes were ready 7 weeks after the start of the project. They were used for internal validation and tested in a focus group.



Find out how a start-up approach can help spark innovation.

R & D Support

We know how bureaucracy and protocol can kill corporate innovation. We provide a lean and start-up orientated approach by supporting your in-house team or working independently. From an idea to cosmetic and functional prototypes in 3 months.

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